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FitBox is proud to serve the Clapham community with our Clapham Common based fitness camp.

We deliver high quality fitness boot camps all over London, designed to do one thing, get you in shape and fast!

We are a non military fitness provider which means you’ll be pushed and challenged with us but never intimidated or shouted at.

Our fitness camps are based around getting a great workout in a short period of time, our 45 minutes have been recorded as burning over 700 calories!

We combine kickboxing, resistance training, cardio and abdominal work for an all around total body workout.

There is a pay as you go option as well as a monthly membership for unlimited access for less than you would pay at a typical high street gym.

Sessions are challenging but light hearted, we’re keen to show you that exercising and getting the results you want from it, can actually be a fun process.

We also have a free 6 week eating plan which can be downloaded at no cost from our website.

To find out more about our Clapham common fitness camp or to book your free trial place, please visit:

or contact us directory at

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