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There can be very few of us who have not experienced stressful and trying times within our lives. Whether due to relationship problems, illness or financial issues, the fact remains that all of us will at some time in our lives, experience and become overwhelmed by life’s experiences. This is where effective counselling offers a solution, by providing a sympathetic ear, a different viewpoint and perspective as well as advice and guidance.

Al Skiffington-Smith is a renowned counsellor, based in the Midlands who offers an affordable counselling service that has made a difference to many people’s lives.

The recent recession has led to an increase in those suffering from debilitating conditions such as depression, which in many ways is understandable considering the financial turmoil experienced by many and the resulting problems. It is at times that the stresses and strains of daily life become too much to bear that counselling can provide an effective solution and provide the recipient with the means to bring back the balance in their lives.

Within the Midlands area ranging from Leicester in the East Midlands to Birmingham in the West Midlands Al Skiffington-Smith is one such counsellor, who has earned a reputation for providing an effective counselling service which is unrivalled.

Al offers his person centred counselling service to all but find many people find him under counselling birmingham. He can also be found under counselling in Leicester and is qualified and experienced as a person centred counsellor as well as a clinical supervisor.

His private practice is located in Coventry itself, although his services are available to anyone within the Midlands, including those looking for counselling in Leicester. As testimony to his customer focused working practice, he subscribes to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy’s ethical framework for good practice whilst also being a member of the aforementioned association. Al offers a variety of counselling options, which cater for a wide and diverse array of circumstances and conditions and is able to provide short, medium or long term therapy options, to suit individual circumstances.
At time when the knocks of life can be difficult to take, counselling can offer respite. Al’s counselling Birmingham service provides relief and an effective solution for those looking to get their lives back in order.
For further information visit http://www.alskiffington-smith.co.uk

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