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Following a successful career in the North of England, Richard Mathers (Doctor of Chiropractic) moved to Cornwall recently this year and has opened the Looe Chiropractic Clinic. Dr Mathers, the former team chiropractor to the famous Sheffield Steelers Ice Hockey team specialises not just in backs and necks, but also uses acupuncture and other techniques to treat arm pains, headaches, migraines, sciatica-like pain, ankle and foot pain. "The problem nowadays is that we all feel a pain and head to the GP for painkillers, ", he says, "and the painkillers just hide the pain, but the pain is there for a reason, and that reason needs to be assessed and treated as necessary." "Many of us do not understand that symptoms are like a warning light coming on in a car - Who would take the bulb out rather than going to a garage?" "As we have just opened up, we are offering free consultations and reduced treatment costs, so now is the best time to have your problems assessed by a professional, free of charge." The Looe Chiropractic Clinic shares premises with Moshulu, on Fore Street in Looe. Call 01503 262333 and ask for Richard if you would like more information.

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