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Affordable, High Quality and Unique Website and Graphic designs by experts.

At Ooste Graphic Design we understand that first impressions are crucial in capturing potential clients attention. We also understand the importance of maintaining the relationship between business and client.

We offer a wide range of Graphic design options for various media designed to attract and sustain campaigns, these options include

- Corporate Branding
- Advertising, Marketing, Promotional
- Decorative

Our designers are dedicated to understanding your needs and market, furthermore they will always be willing to advise you on your best options according to your budget.

We pride ourselves in meeting deadlines, paying attention to detail and offering you the best choice to save you money.

Corporate Branding/products

We appreciate that your companys brand is one of the most important features of your venture.

At Ooste Graphic Design we pay close attention to the significance of every detail that goes in to your branding design.

We aim to produce branding material that will accurately and strategically represent your companys image.

This accuracy is obtained by critically listening to your brief and in depth research of your industry.

We also pay attention to the various media that your branding material may exist on hence we produce graphics in various formats.

Our products include:

- Logos
- Business cards
- Letterheads
- Complimentary slips
- Brochures
- Signs
- Work wear
- Stationary
- Vehicle Graphics
- Etc…

Marketing & Promotion

It is absolutely fundamental to get your projects Marketing and Promotion right, especially if you would like to build a sustainable high quality project no matter what the size of the project.

There are a variety of media available to aid you reach your targeted audience. At Ooste we creatively design and produce effective accurate products for various media including Web or Print be it for professional or casual projects.

We pay critical attention to your market and brief to assure our design helps you reach your market effectively and strategically.

Our designers will advise you on the various options available to meet any budget.

We aim to assist you by producing products and services that will Impress your clients and increase your sales!

Our design & print products and services include:

- Banners
- Flyers
- Posters
- Brochures
- Clothing
- Websites design
- Branded email, newsletters
- Etc…

We also provide Distribution of your marketing, promotional material!


Our world today is covered in decorative motifs that we use to personalize beautify or protect our daily products.

Ooste Graphic design produces various graphic designs for a range of media.
We focus on your individual style and accurately, graphically translate your flair on your chosen media.

The decorative design could be for:

= CD labels, covers, Sleeves
= Clothing
= Website banners
= Photograph deco, reconstruction
= Screen savers
= Vehicle graphics
= Mobile phone casing
= Laptop casing
= Window graphics
= Etc…

Basically, whatever surface you want to decorate we will design and produce the graphics for you!
We offer custom web site design, pre-designed websites and e-store web page development.

Our custom website designs are second to none and designed accordingly to your taste.

Our pre-designed web pages, also known as off-the-shelf website or website templates, is the quickiest and easiest way to get online.

Most of our websites come with free content management (cms). Our clients are abled to edit their website content anywhere in the world, anytime they wish, without any special software and as many times as they wish for 100% free. All they will require is their login details.

Finally our e-stores are designed professionally and beautifully, with the aim to create a positive perception about the organisations services and products. This converts into sells. We are second to none.

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