Portsmouth Counselling Service

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Portsmouth Counselling Service offers short and appropriate long term counselling. Counsellors are contracted to work with a certain number of clients each week. Project work and project clients are especially funded and cover areas such as: Drug and Alcohol Counselling, Domestic Violence Counselling, Birth Parent and Adoption Counselling and Cross Cultural Counselling. Counselling takes place inside and outside working hours on weekdays. A 12 week Drug and Alcohol Therapy Group is offered. PCS is open access as well as receiving referrals from statutory and non-statutory services.
The Cross Cultural Counselling Project offers counselling for minority and ethnic groups, with or without, an interpreter. Interpreters are trained by Portsmouth Counselling Service and work alongside specialist project counsellors. An OCN accredited Basic Counselling Skills Course is also delivered on a yearly basis for minority and ethnic groups.

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